The Studios

Our suites have comfortable, well acoustically treated main rooms, each with their own dedicated, isolated vocal rooms

Our rooftop studio has a larger vocal room, big enough for a handful of vocalists or musicians, or a fully mic’d up drum kit. Up to 12 channels can be recorded simultaneously here. It also has a large outdoor area which is awesome when working right in the city.

The studios can be configured to record directly on to your laptop when connected to one of our interfaces via USB.

Each of the vocal rooms have controls and monitors, enabling DAW savvy artists to control recording directly, eliminating the need for an engineer when tracking. The screens in the vocal rooms can also be used when syncing VO or ADR to video projects.

Gear in the studios includes: 

  • Rode, AKG & Shure Microphones, 
  • Universal Audio & Focusrite outboard gear, 
  • Audient & SSL interfaces, 
  • Yamaha & Adam monitors 
  • Akai, Native Instruments & Ableton controllers.
  • Guitars, Basses & Synths.